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Rocket French is one of the most popular and comprehensive french learning programs, teaching a very beautiful language in a thorough and very fitting learning course.

In recent years, language learning has expanded from more traditional teaching methods into more accessible, user-friendly means of learning. The concept of a teacher has been embodied by software programs, which offer a quicker, and sometimes even more efficient way of learning a foreign language. The market of these learning softwares is quite expansive, but in truth, a lofty number of these products, while perhaps effective, are uninteresting and can sometimes be difficult to follow. When learning with Rocket French, however, lack of interest will never be a problem.

Rocket French is unlike many of the other software packages on the market, being that its teaching expands beyond a single learning method.
Rocket French offers its lessons in an assortment of forms, to cater to various learning styles while also keeping users interested in learning the French language. Rocket Learning is known to offer exceptional learning packages, but even more, the software is engaging and interactive unlike others of its type.
Rocket French includes the following features: audio, written learning, tests, activities, and games. The audio portion of Rocket French is over 12 hours, and can be used individually or in sequence with the other parts of the program. Rocket French fulfills its purpose of engaging the user into learning the conversational language through a range of tangible games and activities, including the Mega Vocab flashcards component which covers the overwhelming majority of French vocabulary.

Rocket French consists of a detailed course of the conversational French language, which allows users to explore French from the basics into the advanced language. However, Rocket French is definitely more suitable for learning the more fundamental aspects of the language. If you only wish to speak the language, be assured, there is no better product available. However, if you hope to delve into more sophisticated aspects of the language, you may want to look elsewhere.

A 6-day free trial version of the software is also available from the manufacturer, so you can also test the software prior to purchase. french-6day1

Rocket French only requires time and a computer, and the software by itself is worth its very reasonable price. Rocket French is worth its value, and unlike some other programs, the entire course is included in the first purchase.